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Anuncio de Kawase Naomi

Kawase y parte de su obra han sido uno de mis objetos de investigación, por lo que sigo puntualmente su carrera cinematográfica. A través del mail-list de KineJapan, la propia realizadora ha difundido la emisión abierta de la nueva obra de Kumie, su empresa de producción, a través de NHK, tanto en sus canales de satelite como en los de internet:

A Late Summer Greeting from Nara.

The summer heat has been at its peak in Nara, but I hope all is well for you. Today, I am delighted to announce the film Yu: A Gift of Life will be broadcasted worldwide on internet and televisions, starting on August 10th.
The film was directed by HOJO Miho and produced by the Kumie. Inc. The broadcast screening schedules of the film are as follows:
> August 10th / There will be 4 broadcasts
> August 11th / There will be 2 broadcasts
> August 15th / There will be 1 broadcast
> August 16th / There will be 5 broadcasts
(*There will be the total of 12 broadcast screenings of Yu: A Gift of Life  as listed above.)

The official website is also in multiple languages including Chinese and Spanish pages @  http://www.jibtv.com/special/forward/en.html

Yu: A Gift of Life is about this girl in the Tsunami hit Bay Area of Kesennuma, Miyagi, Japan, and how this girl foresees the future.
I am deeply honored to have this opportunity to present and share this film with about 130 different countries and with over 1.5 million people through the FORWARD project.

In the end, Yu: A Gift of Life is Miho’s feature debut. She will be delighted also if you could kindly forward your comments and thoughts on the film, in order for her to grow as a filmmaker for the next projects she will be preparing for. Thank you very much for your cooperation in advance.

With hearing the chirring of cicadas in chorus in Nara,


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